Comes With Baggage

Well, not that kind but Redmond does come with his own dog bed and crate.  Plus some drops for his Pannus, which isn't a huge deal.  It just requires drops daily that aren't even that expensive.  I think the bottle is about $25 and it lasts about 3 months. 

Redmond is a great dog who loves life.  He can be playful one minute and the next he's sleeping.  He has enjoyed his time here with my pack but I think he's ready for his own family to love.  

Redmond will be at the Conyers Cherry Blossom Festival Saturday and Sunday.  If you're in the area, stop and meet him.  He'd love to meet you!

Redmond Loves His Peeps

I have been very busy since, well, since I can't remember the last time I wasn't busy!!  And I realize I haven't posted a new blog post about my dear Redmond.  He is doing very well, loving life here with his Greyhound buddy Tito, and his Greyhound love interests including Gwyneth, Sami, and Lucy.  I probably listed them in the order of his preference as well!! 

But, as the title states, Redmond truly loves his people.  More so than other Greyhounds, I think.  He's a great boy who deserves his own family to love.  That, I do know. 

A few weeks back I took Redmond with me to the prison for a day visit while we trained the inmates in our program and I have to say that Redmond had a ball. He loves hanging with everyone and playing with the jolly ball on the big field.  He truly was in heaven!!

And in honor of February being National Dental Health Month for Pets, Redmond got a dental!!  Yep, his teeth are now sparkling white and no extractions were needed.  You gotta love that.  I'm sure he did, too!  I mean, the extraction part. 

Well, no other news to report.  We were hoping for some snow today and I was hoping to get some pictures of him in the snow or a video of him romping in the snow.  But alas, there was only a dusting - thus far.  We are expecting more tonight so we'll see what the morning brings.

Stay tuned for more updates on the adventures of Redmond!!

And He's Back . . .

Redmond was recently returned to us due to a life event change for his previous adopter so I am fostering him again.  He knows my pack and enjoys hanging with us, I know, and I thought it wouldn't be such a drastic change, after being in his previous home for more than a year and a half.  I was right and he has settled quickly which is comforting.  I was worried about him dealing with the change but as you can see, that was unfounded.

He loves romping in my backyard or just sitting in the sun enjoying the company of my four Greyhounds.  He sleeps on a dog bed beside my bed and I never hear a peep from him.  He crates well and is eating well.  Absolutely no complaints from me as his foster Mom nor any from my four!  We adore him!

This picture is perfect evidence of how comfortable he has become in a short 15 days!!  Redmond is a sweet boy who deserves a family of his own to enjoy and love.

Tito and Redmond

Tito and Redmond

A Little Pet Therapy

Well, we all know that pet therapy is good for the soul, heart, and mind!  And that goes for what it does for the patients as well as the handler as well as the animal. 

So, I decided to take Redmond on Thursday night to introduce him to this wonderful thing.  He truly enjoyed it and did very well with the patients.  I think he has a future!!

Here he is with our pet therapy partner, Cleo, visting with one of our favorite patients.  Yes, she has on shoes.  She slips on the shiny floors and the shoes help her not do that so she can concentrate on her therapy with the patients.

Isn't he a handsome one?  And he's good as gold!


Can You See It?


Well, not the fact that he looks like he has green eyes (and he doesn't, that's my bad photography skills) but the other thing there?  Look a little closer . . . it's pannus.  This handsome boy has pannus.  Within a week of his arrival at the prison, his inmate noticed some film on his eyes.  So, we immediately made an appointment with a local veterinarian and they diagnosed pannus.  We then had him see an ophthalmologist specialist in the area and he confirmed the diagnosis.

Pannus is defined as an immune disorder where the body believes a foreign object is in the eye and attacks it.  It is controllable with a corticosteroids and sometimes an antibiotic, usually both in drops or an ointment, depending on the severity of the disease.

Unfortunately it is not curable but it is definitely manageable.  Initially Redmond was getting the ointment and the drops but he is now just getting the drops, one drop twice a day.  I'll be taking him into our vet tomorrow morning for a check up - his first since the confirmation diagnosis by the ophthalmologist.  I know they were diligent about giving him his drops while in prison and I've done the same since his release. It's easy to remember - I just do it prior to his breakfast and dinner!!

I found a great article on pannus on the Greyt Articles website.  Click here to read it. 

Tonight, I'm taking Redmond to the nursing home to see how he does at pet therapy.  Because of his stature and relatively calm demeanor, I think he'll be great at it.  Check his blog tomorrow for a picture or two from the nursing home and an update on that experience!!

Handsome Boy

Redmon1 copy.jpg

Ah, where to start with Redmon.  What a dream boat he is!!  Tall, handsome, and red headed!!  I plan to measure his height at the withers just to see but he truly is a tall one.  He knows his commands very well and has settled in nicely with my pack, as you can see from the picture above.

When I got home yesterday after work, I let everyone out to potty.  I think this is the first time I've seen him run and oh, my - it will take your breath away.  I have to get it on video so you can see.  It's amazing he isn't tumbling over those very long legs of his!  I'll definitely make a point to get it on video this weekend and get some better pictures of him.

He is surely one "tall drink of water"!!


Casey Ceith is very playful and happy, especially with people. He did well in his evaluation - a little slow at some points but he showed he knew all his commands. This boy is a big puppy, goofy and with so much fun and life in him. He's brought so much laughter and heart-filling love to his handler and to others. While out, he loves the sand box - it gets him sassy! This fun, active hound has a fabulous personality and is a very good dog. His friendliness helps him adjust well with people and he is very gentle and social with other dogs. His handler wakes up every morning with motivation because of this boy. He's so sweet and loving and happy and has brought so much life to her world - what a blessing he is.


Casey Ceith is so happy and joyful as he trots around like a champ! He's become quite vocal as he "roos" to talk to you. It's adorable. This complete charmer has touched everyone's heart. He responds well to consistency and leadership and his handler is so proud of his excellent progress over his time at the prison. He's now doing his commands much better down in the rec area without his former anxiety of the hectic and noisy environment getting in the way. This active boy loves to do up and off the jump tables and benches. His training is going well- he knows all the basics and loves to bow and give kisses and shake. Casey Ceith is a nester, working on his blankets before he settles to sleep on them. The inmates have bonded with him as they've walked and trained him. He's awesome with anyone. Overall, he's sweet, perfect and a favorite. He will be a wonderful pet for his new family.


Wow! This handsome greyhound is extraordinary, unique and very happy, says his enthusiastic handler. He sure knows how to light up a dorm from morning to night! Casey Ceith has a sweetness and gentleness about him, while he's also lively at times. He enjoys toys and his favorite is a deflated basketball. He loves socializing in the dorm and practicing his commands there. His handler is also working on his (improving) anxiety in the noisy gym areas and his tendency to be excitable in his greetings. Training is really coming along well and he's learned extra commands including bow, lap, and up/off. He loves going up and down the stairs as well as up onto and off the jump tables. This social boy and his handler have the best time walking and exploring different areas. At the weekend he switched dorms and handlers; they reported that he adapted well and was a gentleman! 


There is never a dull moment with a full day with Casey Ceith. His playfulness and personality are really coming out. He will tend to pull towards people or dogs in his effort to be friendly, so his handler is working on correcting and conditioning this behavior. This boy is gentle and has a wonderful demeanor. He likes chilling with his friend Ebony Eyes in the bed areas and also roaming the dorm checking everything out! He's also gradually getting accustomed to the noisy rec area with each week that passes. He and his handler have a blast going around the compound socializing, and he has quite the fan club. People are quite fond of him and respond to him with love and smiles. He's touched a lot of people's hearts in the short time he's been there. Casey Ceith is long and tall and as a result looks really cute doing some of his commands. He loves to bow, go into a down and to shake with a kiss - quite the charmer! This boy seems to be loving his freedom, his learning, interacting with toys and being loved by the residents. When outside, he feels the heat and really enjoys just plopping down in the kiddie pool when he gets hot and weary.


Casey Ceith's personality is beyond sweet and friendly. This boy is a morning dog, starting the day with energy and friskiness. His handlers have been encouraging him to be less excitable with greetings and he calms easily. Casey loves exploring the smells outside, especially in the horticulture area around the gardens and greenhouses where one of his handlers works. Training is progressing, though this sweet boy is still slow in responding to sit, heel and wait. He's mastered his down/stay well. He can pull on his leash at times and plenty of exercise has helped with this; his handlers work him on the obstacle courses while out on the track walking him. This boy loves hugs and being petted. He readily approaches people for attention and affection. He also gets on fine with the other dogs. Casey can be very mischievous and playful yet calms easily. He has stolen his handlers' hearts.


This past week, Casey Ceith had the pleasure of going to night vet class with a couple of his greyhound buddies and they had a blast with the students and each other. He's a great socializer. When the Assistant Warden took him for a tour of the compound, he did excellently and she adored him. He still occasionally pulls either to go through doors or in excitement, so his handlers sometimes use a harness for heel walking practice. This boy has a spunky side to him that wants to come out. Casey Ceith loves going to horticulture and investigating all the smells and activities going on in class. He's still adjusting to the rec area but does his training well in the early mornings or in the dorm. This mischievous boy is adored by the dorm residents. He is definitely a morning dog, with heaps of start of the day energy. He quickly gets enough of the heat and lives to lounge in the kiddie pool. His handlers enjoy him to the fullest: he's so sweet, lovable and friendly and a gentleman!


Casey Ceith has come a long way this week. He's performing his commands great in the dorm. He's sitting and doing a good down/stay. This boy is very food driven and is enjoying his training sessions! He loves to bow for you and give kisses. Casey has a comical personality: he loves to steal items out of people's lockers and from other kennels. He's also tall enough to counter surf. His handlers are teaching him leave it and he's listening well. He's somewhat timid in the rec area but enjoys spending time in the rec office with staff there. Casey gets excited in the mornings, and when the labs are playing he wants to go out and join them. He ran off leash chasing the Cuz ball and ran with beautiful strides. He's quite a charmer and very loved. He's also incredibly sweet and has such a docile demeanor. Casey Ceith is a sweetheart.


Casey Ceith loves to bow! He's quite a gentleman. He's sweet and gentle and has a a friendly, persuasive personality. He's adjusting to his new environment with lots of love and affection. He likes everyone he meets and is curious to explore his surroundings. His training is going well, though he loses focus at times. His heel walking is really improving. Casey gets excited in the mornings, so his handlers avoid excitable greetings so that he stays calmer. During playtime, he throws his toys around like a little kid. Outside he had his first opportunity to run this week, and he took off as if in a race. Despite this energy, he enjoys his bed and his massages. When he sees the labs playing, Casey's ears perk up and he wants to play with them. This boy gets along with humans and all dogs. He's great!


Casey Ceith is a docile, sweet, loving boy. He's very curious about his surroundings, still unsure sometimes, but his trust is building well as he becomes adjusted to his new surroundings. He pulls when walking and his handlers are working on that. He's a strong boy! Casey does great in the offices with staff and officers and also really enjoys the horticulture area. He loves water and enjoys a cool down in the pool after a long walk. His training is going well. He is almost sitting on his own and does a good down and bed. He's great in his kennel. Casey loves attention and being petted and rubbed. Everyone loves him.

First Impressions - 5/19/13

Casey Ceith lit up his handler's world as he walked through the gates of the facility into her hands. The height and color of this grey is absolutely gorgeous. He was anxious on intake but did well with his much-needed bath! He didn't eat the first 2 days but is now eating like a champ. He's also calmed down as his handlers have been conditioning him to heel walk and to adjust to his new environment. Casey has relaxed in his kennel and loves to sleep. He is so friendly and happy and loves attention from everyone. He's also good around the other dogs. Casey has an excellent demeanor and a wonderful personality. He's quite a charmer and carries himself with great stride. His two trainers are really excited to have him and to make him a great pet for his new family.