Redmond Loves His Peeps

I have been very busy since, well, since I can't remember the last time I wasn't busy!!  And I realize I haven't posted a new blog post about my dear Redmond.  He is doing very well, loving life here with his Greyhound buddy Tito, and his Greyhound love interests including Gwyneth, Sami, and Lucy.  I probably listed them in the order of his preference as well!! 

But, as the title states, Redmond truly loves his people.  More so than other Greyhounds, I think.  He's a great boy who deserves his own family to love.  That, I do know. 

A few weeks back I took Redmond with me to the prison for a day visit while we trained the inmates in our program and I have to say that Redmond had a ball. He loves hanging with everyone and playing with the jolly ball on the big field.  He truly was in heaven!!

And in honor of February being National Dental Health Month for Pets, Redmond got a dental!!  Yep, his teeth are now sparkling white and no extractions were needed.  You gotta love that.  I'm sure he did, too!  I mean, the extraction part. 

Well, no other news to report.  We were hoping for some snow today and I was hoping to get some pictures of him in the snow or a video of him romping in the snow.  But alas, there was only a dusting - thus far.  We are expecting more tonight so we'll see what the morning brings.

Stay tuned for more updates on the adventures of Redmond!!