Second Chance Greyhounds is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is working to form partnerships with correctional facilities throughout Georgia who will foster and train former racing Greyhounds to better prepare them for life as a treasured pet. In return for the good manners that they learn, the dogs provide an outlet for the inmates to practice patience, learn responsibility and allow these men and women the opportunity to experience unconditional love for the first time in many years. It’s a very special partnership that benefits both humans and Greyhounds.

Sometimes we have dogs that need a home immediately and we don't have a slot for them in our prison network. Those dogs will not have the prison icon beside their profile. That doesn't mean they are any less wonderful, loved and cared for. They just have not been through the training certification program that our inmate Greyhounds have, which makes their adoption fee a bit less ($275). These Greyhounds are a perfect solution for the eager owner who cannot wait the two months it takes for their dog to be released from their time behind bars.  Read more about Second Chance Greyhounds>>

Greyhounds – An Ideal Breed Choice

For many reasons, a Greyhound is an ideal breed choice for almost any home. Stereotypically, Greyhounds are calm, relaxed and easy going. Most are quiet and shed minimally. Although they stand tall, they tend to curl up for sleeping in an amazingly small space. Some Greyhounds are tolerant of cats and other small animals, and get along well with children of all ages. Learn more about the Greyhound Breed>>

Why Adopt A Second Chance Greyhound?

When racing Greyhounds are retired, they are then made available to Greyhound adoption groups to be placed into loving homes.  By adopting a Second Chance Greyhound you are changing the life of a former racer. Learn more about our Adoption Process>>

Support Second Chance Greyhounds?

A Second Chance Greyhound not only has basic obedience training, a Second Chance Greyhound has given back to his or her community before settling into your home. These Greyhounds are truly the best of the best. We depend on private donations to continue our program. Find out more about how you can support Second Chance Greyhounds either by making a Donation or supporting our Fundraising efforts or by shopping in our Store>>