Casey Ceith is so happy and joyful as he trots around like a champ! He's become quite vocal as he "roos" to talk to you. It's adorable. This complete charmer has touched everyone's heart. He responds well to consistency and leadership and his handler is so proud of his excellent progress over his time at the prison. He's now doing his commands much better down in the rec area without his former anxiety of the hectic and noisy environment getting in the way. This active boy loves to do up and off the jump tables and benches. His training is going well- he knows all the basics and loves to bow and give kisses and shake. Casey Ceith is a nester, working on his blankets before he settles to sleep on them. The inmates have bonded with him as they've walked and trained him. He's awesome with anyone. Overall, he's sweet, perfect and a favorite. He will be a wonderful pet for his new family.