There is never a dull moment with a full day with Casey Ceith. His playfulness and personality are really coming out. He will tend to pull towards people or dogs in his effort to be friendly, so his handler is working on correcting and conditioning this behavior. This boy is gentle and has a wonderful demeanor. He likes chilling with his friend Ebony Eyes in the bed areas and also roaming the dorm checking everything out! He's also gradually getting accustomed to the noisy rec area with each week that passes. He and his handler have a blast going around the compound socializing, and he has quite the fan club. People are quite fond of him and respond to him with love and smiles. He's touched a lot of people's hearts in the short time he's been there. Casey Ceith is long and tall and as a result looks really cute doing some of his commands. He loves to bow, go into a down and to shake with a kiss - quite the charmer! This boy seems to be loving his freedom, his learning, interacting with toys and being loved by the residents. When outside, he feels the heat and really enjoys just plopping down in the kiddie pool when he gets hot and weary.