Casey Ceith has come a long way this week. He's performing his commands great in the dorm. He's sitting and doing a good down/stay. This boy is very food driven and is enjoying his training sessions! He loves to bow for you and give kisses. Casey has a comical personality: he loves to steal items out of people's lockers and from other kennels. He's also tall enough to counter surf. His handlers are teaching him leave it and he's listening well. He's somewhat timid in the rec area but enjoys spending time in the rec office with staff there. Casey gets excited in the mornings, and when the labs are playing he wants to go out and join them. He ran off leash chasing the Cuz ball and ran with beautiful strides. He's quite a charmer and very loved. He's also incredibly sweet and has such a docile demeanor. Casey Ceith is a sweetheart.