This past week, Casey Ceith had the pleasure of going to night vet class with a couple of his greyhound buddies and they had a blast with the students and each other. He's a great socializer. When the Assistant Warden took him for a tour of the compound, he did excellently and she adored him. He still occasionally pulls either to go through doors or in excitement, so his handlers sometimes use a harness for heel walking practice. This boy has a spunky side to him that wants to come out. Casey Ceith loves going to horticulture and investigating all the smells and activities going on in class. He's still adjusting to the rec area but does his training well in the early mornings or in the dorm. This mischievous boy is adored by the dorm residents. He is definitely a morning dog, with heaps of start of the day energy. He quickly gets enough of the heat and lives to lounge in the kiddie pool. His handlers enjoy him to the fullest: he's so sweet, lovable and friendly and a gentleman!