Second Chance Greyhounds: Inmates and Greyhounds Prison Partnership program has established a prison partnership program at Jenkins County Correctional Facility in Millen, Georgia that will provide foster care homes and inmate trainers for former racing Greyhounds. It is an opportunity for inmates to give back to the community while alleviating boredom and tension in prison, resulting in a safer environment for both staff and inmates.

The training and socialization program will increase retention of Greyhounds in their new adoptive homes, and allow many inmates, for the first time, to experience first hand, the unconditional love of a pet. The combination of this animal/human bond and the socialization training by the inmates will help bring joy and unconditional love into the lives of people in their community with a former racing Greyhound.

We continue to work directly with select Georgia prisons to create more unique programs which will provide this partnering between inmates and Greyhounds in our home State.