Can You See It?


Well, not the fact that he looks like he has green eyes (and he doesn't, that's my bad photography skills) but the other thing there?  Look a little closer . . . it's pannus.  This handsome boy has pannus.  Within a week of his arrival at the prison, his inmate noticed some film on his eyes.  So, we immediately made an appointment with a local veterinarian and they diagnosed pannus.  We then had him see an ophthalmologist specialist in the area and he confirmed the diagnosis.

Pannus is defined as an immune disorder where the body believes a foreign object is in the eye and attacks it.  It is controllable with a corticosteroids and sometimes an antibiotic, usually both in drops or an ointment, depending on the severity of the disease.

Unfortunately it is not curable but it is definitely manageable.  Initially Redmond was getting the ointment and the drops but he is now just getting the drops, one drop twice a day.  I'll be taking him into our vet tomorrow morning for a check up - his first since the confirmation diagnosis by the ophthalmologist.  I know they were diligent about giving him his drops while in prison and I've done the same since his release. It's easy to remember - I just do it prior to his breakfast and dinner!!

I found a great article on pannus on the Greyt Articles website.  Click here to read it. 

Tonight, I'm taking Redmond to the nursing home to see how he does at pet therapy.  Because of his stature and relatively calm demeanor, I think he'll be great at it.  Check his blog tomorrow for a picture or two from the nursing home and an update on that experience!!