Poseidon is going to fill his new forever home with joy. He's easy, outgoing, laid back and charming. He loves people, cuddling, sleeping, eating...and playing with red balls. There's a red Cuz ball in particular that makes his day. He even likes watching television! He does great with grooming and especially loves poultry-flavored toothpaste. His handler finds he does well when she uses a long "human" toothbrush. She has had a very exciting and splendid time with Poseidon. He really has great doggie manners and is always on his best behavior. This boy corrects easily and is a really good, focussed dog when it comes to his commands. He has mastered sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, bed and wait. He handles the stairs, but is a bit slower going down.  He does sometimes not want to go in his kennel, but most of the time he'll go in and relax and roach.  He enjoys best being out of his kennel, free and relaxing with his human friends and family. His new family will be welcoming a wonderful dog into their home.


Every day is a new, exciting and positive day with Poseidon. His handler absolutely loves him. She feels so blessed to have had this gentle sweetheart in her life and to be in this program with the hounds and with her teammates. Poseidon's leash has been handled by just about everyone and the response is always the same: he is "fabulous." The other night his handler was playing scrabble while he lay playing with his toys next to her, as usual. She got up to go and get the Scrabble dictionary and another hound came over and stepped all over Poseidon. Our sweet boy just accepted it calmly and wasn't bothered in the least. He thinks all greyhounds are his friends, and also all humans. He's a fearless, gentle clown. Poseidon's commands continue well. He's fine with stairs, just a little slower going down than up. Every now and again he'll be reluctant to respond to the kennel command. His skin and coat are looking wonderful after the TLC he's been given to cure his hot spots and patchy fur. His proud and delighted handler says he is now presentable and awaiting his forever home!


Poseidon has fallen in love with his handler's side bunkie. The moment he comes out of the kennel, he goes to her bed and puts his paws up. It's the cutest thing ever! This boy loves to be hugged around the head and petted. He's a leaner, too. He must sometimes forget how big he is! He knows all his commands, plus lap and back, and is fine with stairs. He loves toys and can't wait to go through the toy basket in the dorm and outside. He looks forward to running off leash so that he can chase the ball and then take it to the pool! Poseidon's handlers love this Big Boy so much and know he will touch your heart just as he has theirs.


Poseidon's handlers love this big boy so much. Here's their plea: "If you're looking for a forever companion who's loyal, lovable and laid back, Poseidon is your dog. He's super friendly and sweet as pie. [We] haven't had one incident with any aggression (people, food, kennel etc.). He loves to be touched all over and doesn't mind baths, coat brushing, or ear, teeth and nail cleaning. The only thing this lil baby wants is a forever home with lots of toys and humans that will be good to him. He isn't a dog who needs a lot of attention. Even if his humans are busy, toys and chew bones will replace them until they're available. So please give him his Second Chance at life to show you what a good boy he can be!"


Poseidon spent the weekend in another dorm with two training mentors and they loved him - he did really well. He had plenty of play time outside and in the kiddie pool. He loves balls, especially his orange one, which is his joint favorite with his special monkey. While with his weekend contact, he tried to climb up on one of the chairs in the gym to get to the rec balls. She said it was very funny to watch. Though he had seemed not tolerant of small dogs, he did have a good encounter this past week with a 10 week old CCI lab puppy. He let him approach him and sniff him and remained calm. His handler will continue to monitor. He gets along really well with the larger dogs. Poseidon is a friendly and outgoing boy, but not hyper at all, more like a gentle giant, sweet, calm and laid back with playful moments. He adores people, loves attention and is eager to please. He knows all his basic commands well and is also fine with taking stairs, with only occasional hesitation. He did very well with the inmates who were trying out for Second Chance handler spots this week, perfect with his commands the first day. On the second day he showed a little stubbornness, which was good practice for them to see how to handle that! Poseidon came in with some rashes and hot spots from kennel life and he is looking so much better with TLC and some good care. His handler is delighted and says he's going to leave looking like a Super Star!


Another week with comical ol' Poseidon! The latest entertainment news from this TV-loving boy is an episode in the vet tech class. He was there with a couple of the Vet Techs, watching a Cesar Milan video. Poseidon watched the whole video and at one point went up to the DVD player and paused it with his paw, then stared at the frozen image turning his head from side to side. During the puppy mill part of the video, he whimpered and cried for the distressed little puppies. Poseidon is still extremely friendly, calm and relaxed. He has occasional short spurts of excitement! He's well mannered and though he is friendly with everyone, he seems especially to be drawn to male humans. For canine friends, he loves his fellow greyhound buddies. His training continues well and he knows all his basics, just is a little slower with a couple of them. Going up stairs he is great, but he is still hesitant about going down at the moment. His handlers are so excited that he'll be the perfect dog for someone's household. And a great TV partner!


Once again this has been another fabulous week with one fabulous dog. Poseidon is amazing! He's very laid back, cool, docile, relaxed and friendly. He's a leaner and always looking for a human touch. You can't resist petting him because he makes you do it! His challenge this week was the freshly waxed floors, but he worked through the difficulty in walking on them and did fine. He still has a thing for television. Some shows he'll stare so hard at the screen, you'll think he's a statue. Others, such as the action-packed, loud scene movies, he may bark at. This week he also made a new friend: Cookie (aka We Want our Mummy). He set himself down beside her, relaxed and unfazed by her busy-ness (he's very calm and she is more hyper) and just lay there. His handler was thrilled and thinks he'd do great in a home with another greyhound. Poseidon is such a sweet dog.


Poseidon has behaved beautifully ever since he arrived. He's got a very laid back demeanor and is really affectionate and sociable. When anyone approaches him (even male strangers!) he leans in and begs for affection with those big brown eyes. He loves to romp around with his best friend Chase. They look set to be potential forever buddies, showing nothing but respect for each other and both being easy-going, friendly and smart. Everyone loves this big boy. He's such a lover and wants nothing more than to be petted. Poseidon is a smart hound and has learned most of his commands. After training and walks during this hot week he's found his inner water baby and has really enjoyed dips in the kiddie pool.


Poseidon is such a sweet and loving dog.  He is so smart and catches on very quickly.  He is already doing all of his commands but can still be a little slow to respond.  He really likes his squeaky toys and does well giving them back.  When he hears toys squeaking, if he's in his kennel, he will whine and bark (he wants out to pay) but soon settles after correction.  He loves to have his teeth brushed and for you to love on and pet him. 

He was introduced to the staircase this week.  The first time he went halfway and stopped but by the fifth or sixth time, he was slow, cautious and even nervous but he did get to the top.  He never refused to do them which is excellent.  He's a very quick learner and isn't too afraid of anything.  He also loves to watch television, most especially "Dateline".  He makes the cutest faces and head nods.  He's always alert and watching everything around him.

His handlers love him!

First Impressions - 07/28/13

TK Poseidon, now simply known as Poseidon, is doing well adjusting, despite the new environment and noises.  His handlers understand its a big adjustment but have noticed he is settling and relaxing more and more as each day passes. 

His handlers have had to coax him into his kennel using treats but he is slowly realizing that even though he is not at the track, he still has a kennel.  It is going very well and he soon settles when inside.  When out, he's ready to go!! 

They go on walks around the compound working on his heel and wait commands.  Poseidon loves listening to music which seems to soothe him somewhat.  His inmate will even sing to him on occasion. 

He sleeps throughout the night, eats well, drinks alot, and loves attention and affection!  He aims to please!  His handler is looking forward to his training!  Poseidon will do great!