Poseidon spent the weekend in another dorm with two training mentors and they loved him - he did really well. He had plenty of play time outside and in the kiddie pool. He loves balls, especially his orange one, which is his joint favorite with his special monkey. While with his weekend contact, he tried to climb up on one of the chairs in the gym to get to the rec balls. She said it was very funny to watch. Though he had seemed not tolerant of small dogs, he did have a good encounter this past week with a 10 week old CCI lab puppy. He let him approach him and sniff him and remained calm. His handler will continue to monitor. He gets along really well with the larger dogs. Poseidon is a friendly and outgoing boy, but not hyper at all, more like a gentle giant, sweet, calm and laid back with playful moments. He adores people, loves attention and is eager to please. He knows all his basic commands well and is also fine with taking stairs, with only occasional hesitation. He did very well with the inmates who were trying out for Second Chance handler spots this week, perfect with his commands the first day. On the second day he showed a little stubbornness, which was good practice for them to see how to handle that! Poseidon came in with some rashes and hot spots from kennel life and he is looking so much better with TLC and some good care. His handler is delighted and says he's going to leave looking like a Super Star!