Poseidon is such a sweet and loving dog.  He is so smart and catches on very quickly.  He is already doing all of his commands but can still be a little slow to respond.  He really likes his squeaky toys and does well giving them back.  When he hears toys squeaking, if he's in his kennel, he will whine and bark (he wants out to pay) but soon settles after correction.  He loves to have his teeth brushed and for you to love on and pet him. 

He was introduced to the staircase this week.  The first time he went halfway and stopped but by the fifth or sixth time, he was slow, cautious and even nervous but he did get to the top.  He never refused to do them which is excellent.  He's a very quick learner and isn't too afraid of anything.  He also loves to watch television, most especially "Dateline".  He makes the cutest faces and head nods.  He's always alert and watching everything around him.

His handlers love him!