Another week with comical ol' Poseidon! The latest entertainment news from this TV-loving boy is an episode in the vet tech class. He was there with a couple of the Vet Techs, watching a Cesar Milan video. Poseidon watched the whole video and at one point went up to the DVD player and paused it with his paw, then stared at the frozen image turning his head from side to side. During the puppy mill part of the video, he whimpered and cried for the distressed little puppies. Poseidon is still extremely friendly, calm and relaxed. He has occasional short spurts of excitement! He's well mannered and though he is friendly with everyone, he seems especially to be drawn to male humans. For canine friends, he loves his fellow greyhound buddies. His training continues well and he knows all his basics, just is a little slower with a couple of them. Going up stairs he is great, but he is still hesitant about going down at the moment. His handlers are so excited that he'll be the perfect dog for someone's household. And a great TV partner!