Every day is a new, exciting and positive day with Poseidon. His handler absolutely loves him. She feels so blessed to have had this gentle sweetheart in her life and to be in this program with the hounds and with her teammates. Poseidon's leash has been handled by just about everyone and the response is always the same: he is "fabulous." The other night his handler was playing scrabble while he lay playing with his toys next to her, as usual. She got up to go and get the Scrabble dictionary and another hound came over and stepped all over Poseidon. Our sweet boy just accepted it calmly and wasn't bothered in the least. He thinks all greyhounds are his friends, and also all humans. He's a fearless, gentle clown. Poseidon's commands continue well. He's fine with stairs, just a little slower going down than up. Every now and again he'll be reluctant to respond to the kennel command. His skin and coat are looking wonderful after the TLC he's been given to cure his hot spots and patchy fur. His proud and delighted handler says he is now presentable and awaiting his forever home!