First Impressions - 07/28/13

TK Poseidon, now simply known as Poseidon, is doing well adjusting, despite the new environment and noises.  His handlers understand its a big adjustment but have noticed he is settling and relaxing more and more as each day passes. 

His handlers have had to coax him into his kennel using treats but he is slowly realizing that even though he is not at the track, he still has a kennel.  It is going very well and he soon settles when inside.  When out, he's ready to go!! 

They go on walks around the compound working on his heel and wait commands.  Poseidon loves listening to music which seems to soothe him somewhat.  His inmate will even sing to him on occasion. 

He sleeps throughout the night, eats well, drinks alot, and loves attention and affection!  He aims to please!  His handler is looking forward to his training!  Poseidon will do great!