Once again this has been another fabulous week with one fabulous dog. Poseidon is amazing! He's very laid back, cool, docile, relaxed and friendly. He's a leaner and always looking for a human touch. You can't resist petting him because he makes you do it! His challenge this week was the freshly waxed floors, but he worked through the difficulty in walking on them and did fine. He still has a thing for television. Some shows he'll stare so hard at the screen, you'll think he's a statue. Others, such as the action-packed, loud scene movies, he may bark at. This week he also made a new friend: Cookie (aka We Want our Mummy). He set himself down beside her, relaxed and unfazed by her busy-ness (he's very calm and she is more hyper) and just lay there. His handler was thrilled and thinks he'd do great in a home with another greyhound. Poseidon is such a sweet dog.