Quirky Girl

Well, it’s week five already and time is really flying by! Trixie’s secondary trainer spent a lot of quality time with her this week. It seems like only yesterday that she had just arrived, and nervous about her first bath. Friday was the midpoint of this session and that means it was time for another bath - she didn’t mind at all!

Trixie is still enthusiastic about her training and it is a real pleasure watching her execute her commands like a pro. When she is in the training room, she tries to race through her commands as quickly as possible. It’s so cute! She gets the commands done correctly, but she adds her own personal quirky style to everything. If you ask her to sit, she gets ready and then slowly slides back into a perfect sit. She then waits for her treat and praise before bouncing back to her feet and waiting for the next command. The down command earns a quick belly flop, then she waits again for treats and praise. If you tell her bed, she will spin in place sniffing all the parts of the bed, then she drops down like her legs just turned to jelly. Once she gets settled in, it’s hard to convince her to get back up!

Her favorite command by far though is “here”. This one is used when you need your dog to stop whatever they are doing and come to you immediately. And it definitely works with Trixie. You will see a brindle tornado screeching to a stop right in front of you! Head up, eyes focused on you, and ready for another command.

That’s all her secondary has to report for now - thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoyed the trip!

Outgoing, sweet girl

Trixie’s inmate trainer says they are in the thick of training now.  At this time in the session is when all the groundwork you’ve done comes to fruition and the dogs start to really blossom.  He says from this point on, there’s a connection between trainer and dog.  The dog now has an understanding of how training works and what the commands mean. 

Now, this is not to say that you don’t continue to discover something new about your dog every day. He says that Trixie is an energetic girl who is most often sweet and easy going.  Every now and then she has a burst of energy where circles are mandatory. He says that she get’s a sly playful look in her eye and you know it’s coming.  She’s a lot of fun to watch.  Her joy is contagious and her energy makes the day entertaining.


Getting better every day

Good progress this week on sit! In fact, Trixie’s trainer thinks she pretty much has it. As with any command, repetition is the key. At this point in the session, not all the commands will be mastered, but now her trainer can add sit to the thrice daily run-through of all the commands. For example, she’ll lay down on a dog bed when he gives the bed command, but she spends a few seconds sniffing it and might try to get up before he says “release.” This is the kind of refinement that the upcoming weeks will take care of.

This week, all the dogs will start working on the jump command. The point of this one is to teach them how to hop into a car or SUV, so they’ll practice on something that’s about the same height as a truck tailgate.

This is all the fun part, the process and small successes. A few special words from Trixie’s trainer:

“On the outside, I had one of ‘those jobs.’ The kind you’d be hard-pressed to explain to your kids what exactly you do, without boring them to sleep. Many of you out there know what I’m talking about. To find joy in something like that is to understand the intricacies in a way that others do not. To produce something, however small, that was not there before (in this case, getting a dog to perform a sit), is thrilling. So for me, this program is a true taste of freedom!”

Just look at that face!

Trixie has settled in nicely and has gotten used to the new routine at the prison. So far her favorite thing to do is sleep, but when it’s time to play this girl turns it on like a light switch. For a reward after her training session, Trixie gets to pay with a squeaky toy, which she loves. But who needs a toy when you can entertain yourself, and Trixe does just that. She will run back and forth and in a circle as fast as she can. Stopping on a dime, front legs down, rear in the air; ready to take off again at the slightest sound or word… then she’s off again! It’s the funniest thing. Oh Yes, Trixie definitely loves playtime!!

As far as training goes, Trixie is right where she should be. He trainer has mainly concentrated on leash walking, “waiting” at the door and “heel”. Trixie is going to be a good dog and a greyt friend to some lucky family. Could it be yours?

A whole lot of sweetness!

New Year, new training session and it’s going to be a good one!  Trixie’s inmate trainer says that Trixie is a beautiful dark brindle with a lot of sweetness and a little spunk.  

Trixie seems eager to learn… it could have something to do with the treats, but we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions just yet.  She loves to run in the big yard leading the pack and playing with her friends.