Dream Dog

Already past the halfway point?! Time sure does fly when you are having fun! Trixie’s inmate trainer is glad to be closer to his own release, but the down side of time flying is that he’s that much closer to Trixie graduating. But that’s okay - Trixie’s trainer says that he has learned to accept that these dogs get to move on to bigger and better things every ten weeks. He’s just happy to know that they go to good homes with lots of love - and chew toys!

Trixie is without a doubt a dream dog. Besides being beautiful, she already knows all her commands and plays well with her toys and everybody. Her trainer has started teaching her extras, which he doesn’t do with all his dogs because sometimes the last half of the session is better spent refining those basic commands before swap week arrives. With Trixie, he started with a simple one: shake. Another one, bow, is more difficult because you can’t really put a greyhound in a bow position. You have to wait until they do it on their own (usually when stretching) and then tag or treat it. The next few weeks should be an adventure with all these extras, and Trixie’s trainer will keep us posted on what else he comes up with for her to learn!