Quirky Girl

Well, it’s week five already and time is really flying by! Trixie’s secondary trainer spent a lot of quality time with her this week. It seems like only yesterday that she had just arrived, and nervous about her first bath. Friday was the midpoint of this session and that means it was time for another bath - she didn’t mind at all!

Trixie is still enthusiastic about her training and it is a real pleasure watching her execute her commands like a pro. When she is in the training room, she tries to race through her commands as quickly as possible. It’s so cute! She gets the commands done correctly, but she adds her own personal quirky style to everything. If you ask her to sit, she gets ready and then slowly slides back into a perfect sit. She then waits for her treat and praise before bouncing back to her feet and waiting for the next command. The down command earns a quick belly flop, then she waits again for treats and praise. If you tell her bed, she will spin in place sniffing all the parts of the bed, then she drops down like her legs just turned to jelly. Once she gets settled in, it’s hard to convince her to get back up!

Her favorite command by far though is “here”. This one is used when you need your dog to stop whatever they are doing and come to you immediately. And it definitely works with Trixie. You will see a brindle tornado screeching to a stop right in front of you! Head up, eyes focused on you, and ready for another command.

That’s all her secondary has to report for now - thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoyed the trip!