Terrific Trixie

Time really does fly when you are having fun! Trixie is still an amazing dog to work with. It's week eight of her training, and he is still finding new facets of her personality and abilities every week. A few days ago, she was running on the recreational yard with all the other dogs in her group. If you have never seen greyhounds run, it is truly awe-inspiring! They go from a dead stop to forty miles per hour in three strides. Trixie was running with her group, then she broke away and swerved to the left. She hurdled a bench seat and then came to an immediate stop on the other side! Her trainer called her over and she sauntered up to her trainer like nothing had happened, then was off and running like the wind again. Abilities that an Olympic athlete could only dream of, and to her it's just a morning run! Like I said, time really does fly when you're having fun. Whoever is lucky enough to become Trixie's permanent family is in for a rare treat. A dog who is obedient to a fault, but still sassy with a flair for drama!