A Couch-bound Hound

Well, our time together has almost run out. It's week 10 for Trixie and soon she'll be leaving for her forever home. Trixie went through final testing this week, and she passed with flying colors. For those of you who don't know what final testing is, it's a comprehensive test where the dogs must show that they know all of their commands and behaviors. It seems like only yesterday that Trixie was fresh off the bus, and curious about everything. Now she is ready to start her final journey to her adoptive family.

Don't be surprised when she plays with her toys for the first time. She takes play time to the extreme! It's high speed running fused together with amazing cornering ability. You can either play with her, or let her play on her own. She is happy either way. Trixie will be missed by everyone here that knows her and her new family is going to have a unique member of their family soon!