Just look at that face!

Trixie has settled in nicely and has gotten used to the new routine at the prison. So far her favorite thing to do is sleep, but when it’s time to play this girl turns it on like a light switch. For a reward after her training session, Trixie gets to pay with a squeaky toy, which she loves. But who needs a toy when you can entertain yourself, and Trixe does just that. She will run back and forth and in a circle as fast as she can. Stopping on a dime, front legs down, rear in the air; ready to take off again at the slightest sound or word… then she’s off again! It’s the funniest thing. Oh Yes, Trixie definitely loves playtime!!

As far as training goes, Trixie is right where she should be. He trainer has mainly concentrated on leash walking, “waiting” at the door and “heel”. Trixie is going to be a good dog and a greyt friend to some lucky family. Could it be yours?