Gettin' spiffed up for the New Year

Hey y'all!  Check out what a good hound I was for my nail trim today!  These are just a couple of shots my FM took while my Auntie Kathy was doing my nails. Good grooming is a must for me.  I didn't mind this one bit.   I want to make sure I'm in good shape for when I find my forever home!! Hope you will consider adding a handsome hound to your family in 2014, :)

Fletcher 11.jpg
Fletcher 10.jpg


Is everyone staying warm??  Fletcher here....with all the rain and now the super cold foster sisters and I have been hibernating inside.  Sadly not much tennis ball chasing but I'm just saving up. As you can see, I love being wrapped up in my blankets.  FM has been telling me about this jolly big guy that wears a red suit named Santa.  He apparently drives a sleigh pulled by reindeer.  I think I have seen him on TV!  She says that Santa has a nice list and a naughty list.  On Christmas Eve, all those hounds on the nice list will get a present from Santa.  You better believe I'm being extra good to make sure I make that nice list.  FM says we are going to write a letter to Santa to let him know what each of us would like (providing we are on the nice list of course).  I already know too!  I'm going to ask Santa for my very own Forever Home.  If you are looking for a big handsome addition to your family, please let Santa know so he can hook us up.  Maybe I will get to ride in that sleigh???


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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hey Everyone!  I have been a super busy guy the past couple of weeks.  I've been to TWO hound romps at Burger Park.  My oh my....was that fun!!!  I got to run with some of my old prison buddies and make some brand new friends.  It was super cool being able to run at full speed.  FM also took me to a "Yappy Hour".  That was mainly for humans to consume some tasty food and beverage (I only got puppy cookies) but I did get lots of love and petting.  Everyone raved about how handsome I am.  Sure made me feel good!!

Fletcher 4.jpg

FM was telling me about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  She said it's a time to celebrate what we are thankful for even though we give thanks every day.  SO....I am thankful for Second Chance Greyhounds bringing me into the program to teach me how to be a gentleman and to help me find my forever home.  I know I'm a lucky hound.  If you are looking for a sweet, down to earth fellow to join your family, please set up a time to meet me.  FM says you will not be disappointed.  :)

Hope all of you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!  

House Rules

Hey, Hey, Hey...Fletcher here again.  FM says I'm getting all gold stars in the "House Rules" category.  I've had zero potty accidents inside and I'm super cooperative when we go out and I hear the 'hurry' command.  That's what they taught me though...'hurry' means time to do my business.  Manners are a big thing to my FM.  I'm not pushy going out the door and when she says 'wait', I know that I should stand still until she tells me I can go out.  We use wait when I come out of my kennel too.  Since all us hounds eat at the same time, FM gives us the 'wait' command until everyone's bowl is in place.  I'm very patient and when she says 'ok', I eat slowly so I can taste every bite. It's important to me to be a good boy all the time and I know this will go a long way in helping me find my forever home.  The kitchen is a very interesting place I've discovered.  There are lots of good smells in there but I do not counter surf or try to steal yummy items off the table.  BUT, I do know where the pantry is and that's the storage area for the puppy cookies.  I like to do one of my commands then run over to stand at the pantry in hopes of a puppy cookie reward.  It makes my FM laugh, laugh, laugh. One of my big finds is that tennis balls are almost as good as that lure at the track!  Nothing better than chasing those bouncy things around the back yard and then coming inside for a big snooze.  I'm attaching a picture of myself in my relax  I do love my kennel too.  I like to go in there even when FM is home and sometimes I even sleep there even though the door is open and I could crash on a doggie bed if I wanted.

Fletch 3.jpg

Retirement so far has been well worth the wait!  Happy Monday everyone!!!

Foster Home

Fletch 2.jpg

Hey Everyone.....Fletcher here!  WOW! What a week I've had.  I'm one happy fella.  I graduated from prison training and was picked up by my Foster Mom (FM) that very same day.  Turns out I have two foster sisters, Thyme and Melah.  They are quite a bit smaller than me but for girls, they are super cool and we are getting along really well if I must say so myself.  I'm attaching a photo of Thyme and I sharing the kennel.  My first car ride was to the vet to have my tail checked out.  I just laid down and chilled in the back while my FM drove.  The doc says my tail is doing great and it's just fine.  To tell you the truth, I don't even notice it.  FM says it still has some great markings though which is nice for a good looking guy like me.

I am really enjoying the retired life.  Thyme and Melah have a jackpot of toys!!  The best part is they share and FM lets me drag out as many as my little heart desires.  It's so much fun squeaking those things and chasing tennis balls around.  We have a fenced yard where all of us hounds can run around. The back door had this strange thing hanging over the door. I've learned it's a bug net/curtain!  So cool because the back door can stay open and I can go in and out whenever I want.  Well, as long as FM is at home of course.  When she's at work or out and about, I'm a really good boy and hang out in the kennel.  FM gives me a kong with one of my faves, peanut butter, in it and I'm cool until she gets home.This past weekend I met a new friend who's name is Duffy.  He's not a Greyhound but I got along with him just fine.  We played tennis ball.  I am attaching a video for your viewing pleasure.  You can really see my markings and also check out my athleticism.  We had so much fun!!!

Okay, I've brought all of you up to date.  I have settled in at my foster home but my dream is to have my very own forever home like my prison classmates.  Until next time.......

To watch me play with my friends click this link!


Fletcher's final week at the prison has been awesome! He truly is just a wonderful dog. His handler is going to miss this gentle giant so much. He has touched her heart the most out of the six dogs she has worked with. To see him go from hurt and sad to playful and energetic has really been an amazing experience. His training has really gone well. He knows down, stay, here, heel, shake, bed, wait, touch, paws up, jump and bow. He pays good attention to verbal corrections. He hasn't been ready to sit yet while his tail has been healing. He's also still very cautious with stairs, though he doesn't refuse them! Fletcher is comfortable, playful and content in his familiar surroundings. Loud noises or excessively hectic and crowded places make him nervous and he will pull to move away. He absolutely adores affection and puppy massages. He's very good about just lying on a bed with a toy or Kong. Kongs are his favorite, peanut butter and milk bones, too! He loves a fluffy bed to nest in! Fletcher has an awesome disposition, affectionate, lovable, passive, playful and extremely loyal. His handler is going to miss him so much. He will make an amazing pet.


Fletcher now knows all his commands except sit and down, which he will start on as soon as he's cleared to be scooped. He's very smart and eager to please, and his handler is confident he'll pick up on them quickly. Fletcher is leash walking outside now and working on improving his heel walking etiquette! This boy is as sweet as ever and loves to play and snuggle. His favorite activity is working on his Kong. His handler hides kibbles inside and Fletcher spends ages having a wonderful time working on the challenge of getting them all out!


Fletcher is doing so well this week. He truly has done a 180 and seems to be a completely different dog! His confidence is through the roof when it comes to training. He now knows heel, bed, shake, paws up, jump, bow and touch. His handler is not scooping him yet until his tail is fully healed, so he still won't sit. Instead, because he moves into a side sit as part of responding to the bed command, she has been giving him rewards for holding that sit position. His tail appears to be healing nicely and he really doesn't seem to notice it. He's still on anti-inflammatory antibiotics but should be finishing those up. Until he finishes the medication, he shouldn't be out in the sun, so he is getting walks indoors. Fletcher still doesn't like loud noises and the sudden loudness of the officers' radios makes him hide behind his handler. He also has come to rely heavily on her, so the last few weeks will be spent working on getting him out amongst other people. He is as sweet and affectionate as ever and loves to give kisses!


Fletcher had most of his tail removed by the vet late this week. You can already tell the positive difference it has made to his overall confidence. He's been on kennel rest for the weekend but his handler can tell he feels better and that he is anxious to get out and be a regular dog. His dinner portion has also gone up to get a bit more weight back on and this will keep this food-loving boy happy! His handler will resume training as soon as cleared to do so by the vet. She's looking forward to working on sit and down with him and seeing a boost in his learning, now that his tail has been taken care of. He is sweet and loving as ever!


With bandages only on at night now, when he can't be supervised, Fletcher's tail is healing with exposure to the air. His commands involving sitting or lying down had been avoided to some extent due to his injury, and have now begun more in earnest. He can be stubborn, but his trainers are working consistently with him. He already does well with many of the basics and has learned the jump command as well. He can also climb stairs, though still a bit cautiously. This boy is so very lovable and affectionate - a big sweetheart. He's so submissive and will allow you to manipulate him any which way to groom or treat his tail. Though he's very laid-back, he does enjoy playing with his toys and has fun bowling for kibbles in the aisle! He gets on wonderfully with the other greys. Fletcher adores affection and melts into your arms if you hug him. You can't help but fall in love with him and his amazing disposition.


Fletcher is such a sweet boy with an amazing disposition. He just melts in your hands wanting affection and you can't help falling in love with him. He's such a joy to be around. He loves to play with his toys gently in the aisle and the bed area and also really enjoys his Kong. His tail is still being loosely bandaged and for now he seems hesitant to sit or go down fully on his bottom on his own, so he crouches on his bed to lick his Kong! This boy is an absolute angel to treat because he allows you to do whatever needs to be done - he is so passive and trusting. Fletcher gets along well with the other greys and has even shared a blanket with his little brother Chester, who lives right next to him.


Everyone just adores Fletcher as he loves to approach everyone and receive attention and love. He's such a sweet, loving dog. His tail is still being bandaged but he doesn't seem to let it bother him. This boy is extremely gentle and well mannered. He can be a little stubborn with his training, but is scooping just fine. Fletcher is very strong and can pull when heel walking. His handler is using a gentle leader, which helps, and continues to practice with him. He is very inquisitive and loves to explore. He's also fond of toys and will even fetch a toy and bring it back to his handler. Fletcher has stolen her heart. He is truly an amazing dog.


Fletcher's personality continues to emerge daily. And oh those eyes! He lets his handler clean and wrap his healing tail without any fuss. He has also put on some weight and she is glad to report that her "little bag of bones" looks healthier now. She is enjoying working on his training, and he's coming along, with wait, here and heel learned already. He also does stairs without any problems. Though he's a bit hesitant about going over to the rec area, this boy does fine there, and is just a little nervous of the officers' radios. He gets along with everyone, inmates and officers alike. Fletcher is really coming along great. His handler loves this "big ole sweet dog"!


Fletcher is adjusting wonderfully.  He has discovered his love of fetch and enjoys playing with his new animal Kong.  His inmate sees a very social pup coming out.  He likes to be petted and will side up to almost anyone for some affection.  He is still unsure of the gym area.  He just isn't that thrilled by all the music and jumping around.

His tail injury is healing but slowly.  His inmate is keeping his activity to a minimum because when he's running around and wagging his tail, it will start to bleed.  There is one tiny nick that just bleeds like crazy at times.  She is keeping it wrapped most of the time to prevent him from getting to it.

What a wonderful sweet boy Fletcher is with a most gentle nature about him.  He is very tolerant of his inmate nursing his tail despite obvious pain. 

He will be a perfect addition to any home!

First Impressions - 07/28/13

The first week with Fletch, now called Fletcher, has been spent letting him settle and acclimate to his new surroundings.  He has done very well, his inmate says, and she expects a few more days of moderate exposure is just what he needs to get off on a good start.

His handler isn't seeing any fear of people with Fletcher and very little in the gym area.  He is pulling a bit on lead, but she is working on correcting that behavior.

His inmate can already tell he is going to be a delight to train and care for.  Fletcher is a big silly boy who has stolen the heart of his inmate and everyone in her bunk area!