Fletcher's final week at the prison has been awesome! He truly is just a wonderful dog. His handler is going to miss this gentle giant so much. He has touched her heart the most out of the six dogs she has worked with. To see him go from hurt and sad to playful and energetic has really been an amazing experience. His training has really gone well. He knows down, stay, here, heel, shake, bed, wait, touch, paws up, jump and bow. He pays good attention to verbal corrections. He hasn't been ready to sit yet while his tail has been healing. He's also still very cautious with stairs, though he doesn't refuse them! Fletcher is comfortable, playful and content in his familiar surroundings. Loud noises or excessively hectic and crowded places make him nervous and he will pull to move away. He absolutely adores affection and puppy massages. He's very good about just lying on a bed with a toy or Kong. Kongs are his favorite, peanut butter and milk bones, too! He loves a fluffy bed to nest in! Fletcher has an awesome disposition, affectionate, lovable, passive, playful and extremely loyal. His handler is going to miss him so much. He will make an amazing pet.