Fletcher is doing so well this week. He truly has done a 180 and seems to be a completely different dog! His confidence is through the roof when it comes to training. He now knows heel, bed, shake, paws up, jump, bow and touch. His handler is not scooping him yet until his tail is fully healed, so he still won't sit. Instead, because he moves into a side sit as part of responding to the bed command, she has been giving him rewards for holding that sit position. His tail appears to be healing nicely and he really doesn't seem to notice it. He's still on anti-inflammatory antibiotics but should be finishing those up. Until he finishes the medication, he shouldn't be out in the sun, so he is getting walks indoors. Fletcher still doesn't like loud noises and the sudden loudness of the officers' radios makes him hide behind his handler. He also has come to rely heavily on her, so the last few weeks will be spent working on getting him out amongst other people. He is as sweet and affectionate as ever and loves to give kisses!