Foster Home

Fletch 2.jpg

Hey Everyone.....Fletcher here!  WOW! What a week I've had.  I'm one happy fella.  I graduated from prison training and was picked up by my Foster Mom (FM) that very same day.  Turns out I have two foster sisters, Thyme and Melah.  They are quite a bit smaller than me but for girls, they are super cool and we are getting along really well if I must say so myself.  I'm attaching a photo of Thyme and I sharing the kennel.  My first car ride was to the vet to have my tail checked out.  I just laid down and chilled in the back while my FM drove.  The doc says my tail is doing great and it's just fine.  To tell you the truth, I don't even notice it.  FM says it still has some great markings though which is nice for a good looking guy like me.

I am really enjoying the retired life.  Thyme and Melah have a jackpot of toys!!  The best part is they share and FM lets me drag out as many as my little heart desires.  It's so much fun squeaking those things and chasing tennis balls around.  We have a fenced yard where all of us hounds can run around. The back door had this strange thing hanging over the door. I've learned it's a bug net/curtain!  So cool because the back door can stay open and I can go in and out whenever I want.  Well, as long as FM is at home of course.  When she's at work or out and about, I'm a really good boy and hang out in the kennel.  FM gives me a kong with one of my faves, peanut butter, in it and I'm cool until she gets home.This past weekend I met a new friend who's name is Duffy.  He's not a Greyhound but I got along with him just fine.  We played tennis ball.  I am attaching a video for your viewing pleasure.  You can really see my markings and also check out my athleticism.  We had so much fun!!!

Okay, I've brought all of you up to date.  I have settled in at my foster home but my dream is to have my very own forever home like my prison classmates.  Until next time.......

To watch me play with my friends click this link!