House Rules

Hey, Hey, Hey...Fletcher here again.  FM says I'm getting all gold stars in the "House Rules" category.  I've had zero potty accidents inside and I'm super cooperative when we go out and I hear the 'hurry' command.  That's what they taught me though...'hurry' means time to do my business.  Manners are a big thing to my FM.  I'm not pushy going out the door and when she says 'wait', I know that I should stand still until she tells me I can go out.  We use wait when I come out of my kennel too.  Since all us hounds eat at the same time, FM gives us the 'wait' command until everyone's bowl is in place.  I'm very patient and when she says 'ok', I eat slowly so I can taste every bite. It's important to me to be a good boy all the time and I know this will go a long way in helping me find my forever home.  The kitchen is a very interesting place I've discovered.  There are lots of good smells in there but I do not counter surf or try to steal yummy items off the table.  BUT, I do know where the pantry is and that's the storage area for the puppy cookies.  I like to do one of my commands then run over to stand at the pantry in hopes of a puppy cookie reward.  It makes my FM laugh, laugh, laugh. One of my big finds is that tennis balls are almost as good as that lure at the track!  Nothing better than chasing those bouncy things around the back yard and then coming inside for a big snooze.  I'm attaching a picture of myself in my relax  I do love my kennel too.  I like to go in there even when FM is home and sometimes I even sleep there even though the door is open and I could crash on a doggie bed if I wanted.

Fletch 3.jpg

Retirement so far has been well worth the wait!  Happy Monday everyone!!!