With bandages only on at night now, when he can't be supervised, Fletcher's tail is healing with exposure to the air. His commands involving sitting or lying down had been avoided to some extent due to his injury, and have now begun more in earnest. He can be stubborn, but his trainers are working consistently with him. He already does well with many of the basics and has learned the jump command as well. He can also climb stairs, though still a bit cautiously. This boy is so very lovable and affectionate - a big sweetheart. He's so submissive and will allow you to manipulate him any which way to groom or treat his tail. Though he's very laid-back, he does enjoy playing with his toys and has fun bowling for kibbles in the aisle! He gets on wonderfully with the other greys. Fletcher adores affection and melts into your arms if you hug him. You can't help but fall in love with him and his amazing disposition.