Fletcher is adjusting wonderfully.  He has discovered his love of fetch and enjoys playing with his new animal Kong.  His inmate sees a very social pup coming out.  He likes to be petted and will side up to almost anyone for some affection.  He is still unsure of the gym area.  He just isn't that thrilled by all the music and jumping around.

His tail injury is healing but slowly.  His inmate is keeping his activity to a minimum because when he's running around and wagging his tail, it will start to bleed.  There is one tiny nick that just bleeds like crazy at times.  She is keeping it wrapped most of the time to prevent him from getting to it.

What a wonderful sweet boy Fletcher is with a most gentle nature about him.  He is very tolerant of his inmate nursing his tail despite obvious pain. 

He will be a perfect addition to any home!