Bella is an excellent dog. She came in happy, continued to spread sunshine wherever she went and is leaving just the same. Her new family is going to adore her! She has done great in her training and has  mastered sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, bed, stairs and wait as well as kennel, lap and jump (for car rides). She is very food motivated, so if ever struggling with her executing any of the listed commands, use kibble as incentive and she'll perform without hesitation! She also does great learning something new with a food lure. Be mindful of any snacks lying around as this girl is not a picky eater! Bella can sometimes have minor anxiety on slick floors when turning quickly, for example, but recovers without any problem. Her handler has not before run into a dog with so many good traits. She has an awesome personality, is engaging with people, has no anxieties about new environments and is so incredibly smart. She stole her handler's heart so quickly and will always have a place there. This affectionate, sweet, loving and smart girl is going to bring a lot of laughter and love into her forever home.


At the risk of sounding repetitive, says her handler, Bella is the perfect combination of all things canine! She is incredibly smart, so very personable and an overall joy to be with every day. Her training is going well. She's been practicing her 20 ft down/stay and is coming along great. Her favorite command is "bed". So her new family might want to get her a big, fluffy princess bed; only the best when it comes to this little girl! Bella's forever family has made the greatest decision. They will love her personality, how affectionate she is and her overall disposition.


The period of tryouts for new members of the training team is over. Observing the novices working with the hounds was very helpful, says Bella's handler. Attitude counts when it comes to the hound paying attention. Bella, who is full of spirit and life, worked much better with the tryouts who were fun, engaging and able to keep her interest. Those who lacked confidence or showed nervousness didn't get good results with her. In her training, she has mastered extra commands kennel, lap and jump. This girl has just recently begun showing an interest in toys. She'll get very silly and playful when you get her out of the kennel. Her handler will throw a few toys on her pallet in the bed area and Bella will then take turns pawing at them and throwing them up in the air! Whoever is lucky enough to get Bella is going to have great times with her. She's a sweet, affectionate girl, willing to please at all times. Her handler couldn't have asked for a better dog to love, care for and train!


Bella continues to bring happiness and laughter to everyone who is lucky enough to meet her. She's been going along to her handler's vet tech class and the class adores her - she's super friendly to anyone who shows interest in her. There are other greyhounds in the class and she gets on great with them all, drinking from the same bowl, taking kibble from the same hand and letting others walk over her without any fuss. Her handler is really proud of her good behavior with the other hounds. Tryouts for new inmates to join the greyhound program are still going on and Bella has been doing very well with everyone who has worked with her. Her handler can't think of a better mixture of temperament, playfulness and personality to have in a dog. Her new family is going to instantly fall in love with her!


Bella's loving nature and her people-friendly personality are her best qualities. She's always great for a good laugh and many residents in the facility ask for her by name. Tryouts for the Second Chance program have started this week at the prison and it has been a blast watching all of the participants work with Bella. Overall, she's been doing great taking direction from people who are unfamiliar to her and are not knowledgeable about the structure of the program. In the cases where she is defiant with her commands and they have to scoop her, she is taking it like a champ and not protesting. It's been a fun and enjoyable time for Bella and her handler and a learning experience for all the people who are hoping to be chosen to work with these personable canines. Bella is still occasionally doing a "Bambi on Ice" on freshly waxed floors, but she regains her footing quickly if you take her collar or leash and confidently walk her through it. She's a resilient girl and works through things! Whatever her future holds for her, her handler knows she will excel at it. Bella is a sweet girl, always willing to please and partial to snuggles and hugs. She's got a lot of love to give!


Bella is progressing wonderfully. She is spot on with almost all of her commands and is making good progress with her 20 foot down/stay. Her sit/stay is a little shaky. This week she went to education four times; she enjoys exploring the classroom and its new smells and then lies down and settles (sooner if a blanket is provided!). Some small dogs arrived this week as part of the Easter Seals program. Bella has shown no aggression towards them. She is very loving and fun to have around. She's just begun playing with toys and will occasionally run off leash by herself or with a friend. Bella is such a sweet little girl and is very engaging with anyone who socializes with her. Whoever adopts her, says her handler, will be honored to have her in their life and to give her the second chance she deserves.


Bella is such a pleasure to have around every day. The dorm residents adore her and she gets on with her fellow greyhounds and the labs at the prison. She's extremely affectionate and definitely a kisser,so be careful, because she'll lick your face off if you let her! Bella overcame slippery floors when she first arrived. Last week the floors were waxed and for a while she was "Bambi" all over again, but has again gotten used to it. Her training continues great and she is at the point where she performs without treats and is rewarded after every 3 or 4 commands. Her 20 foot down/ stay is slow-going but improving daily. Her trainer says she could not have asked for a better dog to work with. Bella really makes every day worth waking up for.


Bella, once again, had an awesome week. She is such a sweet, loving dog - anyone would be proud to call her their pet! Training is progressing very well; this girl is smart and loves to learn and has surprised her handler with how quickly she picks things up. She was introduced to the jump tables this week and is already jumping on the highest one with ease. She is also being taught to stay in the sit position at mealtimes until released so as not to rush at her food. This is a bit more challenging for her. Socialization in and out of the dorm is going well. Loud noises have not bothered her and she takes well to new environments. She does love to sniff everything!


Bella is such a sweetheart!  Her inmate has never seen a dog so affectionate and responsive towards human interaction.  If she's in the middle of going somewhere in the dorm and a resident calls her, she'll leave her desired path to detour over to them to say hello, give kisses, and be loved on.  The spirit that fills this little girl is over flowing - she will steal your heart with one glance and seal the deal on a forever friendship with you by her overly loving personality!

Training is going great as well.  Her pulling has improved tremendously. She will walk with a "J-hook" during a leisure stroll - only occasionally bumping into your knee when she starts to tire. The only issue with pulling now is when walking through a doorway and in large crowds.  Her handlers continue to work with her on this and are sure she'll overcome it.

They started "sit" training Thursday morning and by dinnertime on Thursday, she was sitting.  She's also doing "bed", "heel", and "kennel" with food lures.  Bella not only is beautiful (as her name suggests) but she has the smarts to back it up as well.

Overall, Bella is progressing perfectly. She's an excellent dog!

First Impressions - 07/28/13

TDS Bella, now known as "Bella", is quite the ball of energy!!  She came into the visitation room with her tail wagging and it hasn't stopped yet.  She is such a beautiful girl - so sweet and loving towards people even in the short amount of time she has been at the prison.  Her inmate knows, without a doubt, that her adoptive family will be so happy that they chose her to bring into their home.

She is a puller on the leash and has a tendency to jump but her handlers have already begun working with Bella to alleviate both.  She is doing alot better with her "heel walk" but if she wants to explore something new, she'll get you there in a hurry!  Her jumping, although unwanted, is done in an affectionate manner.  It's always in greeting and it's a straight up jump (not on you) but, again, they are working to deter this behavior.  She is just so friendly and outgoing!

She loves giving kisses and enjoys rubbing her face on her bedding or any pallet you lay out for her then flipping her body over into a roach so that you can rub her belly.

Her inmate hasn't noticed any fears or anxieties with her (although she did come in hesitant of their shiny floor but is now fine with them).  She hasn't shyed away from anyone (inmate or staff member) and hasn't shown any aggression towards any of her peers or other dogs from the other two programs.

Her inmate is sure they will have such a fun, eventful, and memorable time training this pretty girl.  They love her already and it's only been four days!!