Bella is such a sweetheart!  Her inmate has never seen a dog so affectionate and responsive towards human interaction.  If she's in the middle of going somewhere in the dorm and a resident calls her, she'll leave her desired path to detour over to them to say hello, give kisses, and be loved on.  The spirit that fills this little girl is over flowing - she will steal your heart with one glance and seal the deal on a forever friendship with you by her overly loving personality!

Training is going great as well.  Her pulling has improved tremendously. She will walk with a "J-hook" during a leisure stroll - only occasionally bumping into your knee when she starts to tire. The only issue with pulling now is when walking through a doorway and in large crowds.  Her handlers continue to work with her on this and are sure she'll overcome it.

They started "sit" training Thursday morning and by dinnertime on Thursday, she was sitting.  She's also doing "bed", "heel", and "kennel" with food lures.  Bella not only is beautiful (as her name suggests) but she has the smarts to back it up as well.

Overall, Bella is progressing perfectly. She's an excellent dog!