Bella's loving nature and her people-friendly personality are her best qualities. She's always great for a good laugh and many residents in the facility ask for her by name. Tryouts for the Second Chance program have started this week at the prison and it has been a blast watching all of the participants work with Bella. Overall, she's been doing great taking direction from people who are unfamiliar to her and are not knowledgeable about the structure of the program. In the cases where she is defiant with her commands and they have to scoop her, she is taking it like a champ and not protesting. It's been a fun and enjoyable time for Bella and her handler and a learning experience for all the people who are hoping to be chosen to work with these personable canines. Bella is still occasionally doing a "Bambi on Ice" on freshly waxed floors, but she regains her footing quickly if you take her collar or leash and confidently walk her through it. She's a resilient girl and works through things! Whatever her future holds for her, her handler knows she will excel at it. Bella is a sweet girl, always willing to please and partial to snuggles and hugs. She's got a lot of love to give!