The period of tryouts for new members of the training team is over. Observing the novices working with the hounds was very helpful, says Bella's handler. Attitude counts when it comes to the hound paying attention. Bella, who is full of spirit and life, worked much better with the tryouts who were fun, engaging and able to keep her interest. Those who lacked confidence or showed nervousness didn't get good results with her. In her training, she has mastered extra commands kennel, lap and jump. This girl has just recently begun showing an interest in toys. She'll get very silly and playful when you get her out of the kennel. Her handler will throw a few toys on her pallet in the bed area and Bella will then take turns pawing at them and throwing them up in the air! Whoever is lucky enough to get Bella is going to have great times with her. She's a sweet, affectionate girl, willing to please at all times. Her handler couldn't have asked for a better dog to love, care for and train!