First Impressions - 07/28/13

TDS Bella, now known as "Bella", is quite the ball of energy!!  She came into the visitation room with her tail wagging and it hasn't stopped yet.  She is such a beautiful girl - so sweet and loving towards people even in the short amount of time she has been at the prison.  Her inmate knows, without a doubt, that her adoptive family will be so happy that they chose her to bring into their home.

She is a puller on the leash and has a tendency to jump but her handlers have already begun working with Bella to alleviate both.  She is doing alot better with her "heel walk" but if she wants to explore something new, she'll get you there in a hurry!  Her jumping, although unwanted, is done in an affectionate manner.  It's always in greeting and it's a straight up jump (not on you) but, again, they are working to deter this behavior.  She is just so friendly and outgoing!

She loves giving kisses and enjoys rubbing her face on her bedding or any pallet you lay out for her then flipping her body over into a roach so that you can rub her belly.

Her inmate hasn't noticed any fears or anxieties with her (although she did come in hesitant of their shiny floor but is now fine with them).  She hasn't shyed away from anyone (inmate or staff member) and hasn't shown any aggression towards any of her peers or other dogs from the other two programs.

Her inmate is sure they will have such a fun, eventful, and memorable time training this pretty girl.  They love her already and it's only been four days!!