Bella is an excellent dog. She came in happy, continued to spread sunshine wherever she went and is leaving just the same. Her new family is going to adore her! She has done great in her training and has  mastered sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, bed, stairs and wait as well as kennel, lap and jump (for car rides). She is very food motivated, so if ever struggling with her executing any of the listed commands, use kibble as incentive and she'll perform without hesitation! She also does great learning something new with a food lure. Be mindful of any snacks lying around as this girl is not a picky eater! Bella can sometimes have minor anxiety on slick floors when turning quickly, for example, but recovers without any problem. Her handler has not before run into a dog with so many good traits. She has an awesome personality, is engaging with people, has no anxieties about new environments and is so incredibly smart. She stole her handler's heart so quickly and will always have a place there. This affectionate, sweet, loving and smart girl is going to bring a lot of laughter and love into her forever home.