It has been a wonderful last week with Odin. They have focused on fine-tuning all his commands, especially the light switches!  He is so smart and knows the flat switch excellently. He will watch for the light to come on or go off, to make sure he has done it right!  For the light switches on the wall, which are placed quite high in the prison, he steps up onto a jump table or chair to reach them.  His handlers are so proud of his accomplishments and think he will be perfect for any environment, especially assisting with any type of therapy.  Not only is Odin a smart greyhound, but he's very loving as well.   It's been so comforting having this gentle giant to love.  He is a leaner and likes to lean in and feel your presence. It's amazing how gentle and calm he can be.  He could cuddle for hours in your lap and be content. He does have a playful side, though, and absolutely loves squeaky and plush toys. He's not very agile or graceful and will slide and run into everything, so his handlers especially have kept a close eye on him when he's been off leash!  Also on-leash, when he tries to pull toward little dogs with his tail wagging.  He's such a huge boy compared to those tiny breeds.  They have really enjoyed this sweet boy. He has adapted well and is good with everyone.


This week with Odin has been great!  He is so smart and picks up on things fats.  He is doing all his commands responding to verbal cues and hand signals.  His handler's favorite command to do with him is the down/stay.  He is so adorable when she releases him into a here and he runs to her with such excitement!  And of course on the light switch command he went from the flat switch to a regular switch on the wall.  When he turns on the fans in the gym it usually attracts inmates and staff, who all get a kick out of it.  He hasn't yet learned how to turn off a regular switch - that comes next.  "Odin Bear" is the biggest lover; he is just so sweet and melts into whoever is around to give him a little attention.  This "Bear" is very much loved!


It has been another great week with Odin.  He is doing well on his commands, especially his lights command.  His handler has introduced another light switch which is pretty high up on the wall.  He's using a step to do a "paws up" and nudge the light on the wall.  He is a very smart dog and learns fairly quickly.  On his weekend exchange to another dorm, his alternate handler and all the dorm residents adored him.  They were delighted with how loving and affectionate he was.  Seeing such a large greyhound want to cuddle and lie in your lap is so funny.  Odin has the sweetest disposition and is friendly to any and everyone.  He was very well behaved and showed no separation anxiety.  This boy is very playful and loves to toss toys around.  He is so clumsy and will run into everything but he calms easily and loves to relax.  He is fascinated by the little dogs and pulls at them, tail wagging, but his handler is cautious as he is so huge in comparison to them.  Odin is going to be a great family pet.  He is definitely a gentle giant with lots of love to give.


Odin went to cosmetology class with one of the alternates this week and had a good time.  He thought the mannequin head they use for styling hair was a toy and grabbed it.  Everyone loves this boy's sweet, gentle nature.  He enjoys lounging on a blanket and getting lots of love and affection.  He is doing the on and off of the light switch from a faraway position.  He's a very smart boy and a joy to have and train. The entire dorm loves Odin and looks forward to his leaning visits. he likes to approach dorm residents and lean on them and expects to be petted in return. Odin loves to play and run; he played off leash at rec, chasing balls and had a blast. He is still very goofy and accident prone and his handlers keep an eye on him off leash.  They think he will do well in just about any environment.  He adapts well and is friendly to everyone.  They are really enjoying this big greyhound!


It’s been another good week with Odin. He’s become excellent at turning the light switch on and off. It’s probably his favorite command. He gets excited to see his handlers bring out the switch! They are going to continue his training and start adding some more advanced commands. You couldn’t ask for a sweeter, mellower companion than Odin. He goes to everyone for love and affection. He is a leaner and will lean his whole body weight on anyone who will give him attention. You can lie on the floor with him while he has treats, toys or bones without any problem. He is still very excited about squeaky toys and wants to get to the source of the sound! He has been given a small area to play with toys because if not, he will slide around on the floor and run into everything. This big giant still has not learned how huge he is! He has so much love to give and his handlers are enjoying every bit of it. 


Odin has had a terrific week. He has made a lot of progress with his commands and is now turning the lights on and off. They tell him Lights to switch them on and Lights Off to turn them off. His handlers are so proud of him! Besides mastering the light switch, he is also getting better with his down and stay. He made a huge learning curve this week. At the annual doggy Halloween parade, Odin led the pack of all 3 dog teams dressed as a yellow M&M, with a top hat and bow tie. He was absolutely adorable and behaved well in every area all over the compound. He wasn't frightened or spooked by the different environments, noises or crowds. He was very interested in the small poodles in devil and rock star costumes. His handler carefully manages his meetings with the labs and smaller breeds, enabling a positive meet and greet. He hasn't shown any aggression and wags his tail and sniffs curiously. He still dashes towards the sound of any squeaky toy. He's a clumsy boy and despite his large frame, he thinks he is a tiny lap dog. He longs for affection and wants to be up on your lap getting massaged and spoiled. He's a fantastic dog. This gentle giant has no food or toy aggression and loves to be hugged and doted on. He would be great with anyone.


This big, gentle giant, Odin, is super sweet and gives his handlers plenty of love. He's done well this week. He's getting lots of practice with his commands and is making good progress. He's been learning nudging this week. This big boy is a clumsy bear and a little accident prone - banged his toe last week but it's just fine now. The highlight of the coming week is of course Halloween. Odin is dressing up as a yellow M&M. He looks absolutely adorable and his handlers are confident he'll get plenty of treats. They are so grateful to have him in their lives right now and look forward to the weeks ahead.


It's been a good week wth Odin. He's making improvements in many areas. He's sitting now, and stay is being incorporated; at the moment he tends to pop up quickly after his sit! He's also learned down, here, heel, shake, bed, wait and kennel.  Stairs are being worked on. He's learned touch, as well, to progress to nudging and eventually a light switch. Odin loves toys, especially squeakies. If someone is playing with a squeaky, he takes off towards the noise, barreling over anybody or anything in his path. He can be like a bull in a china shop, sliding and running into things! He also gets excited if he sees other dogs, large or small, playing - he wants to play with them. His excitable greetings are getting better. He greets the small ones with a wagging tail and sniffing.  He's never been aggressive, but his excitement continues to be worked on as he is a big dog. Though definitely not graceful, Odin is incredibly sweet and loving. He loves to cuddle in the bed area and get love from anyone. They had a Heart Walk event last week and he was very charming, greeting all the guests. He got a lot of compliments about how beautiful he is!


Kane's Morneau is now Odin. His handlers call him their big "Odin Bear" because he loves to lay in your lap and cuddle. He's a beautiful and adorable brindle, who loves attention and lots of rubbing! Odin is making great progress so far and is already sitting as well as responding to here, heel, shake, wait and kennel. He doesn't like loud noises and can be a little shy with certain staff members and so his handlers are working through these issues and trying to get him acclimated to his new environment. He is very curious about things. His handler has arranged as well for him to meet smaller dogs to get used to them, ending each meeting on a positive note. Odin is very correctable and listens well. His handler is very excited to be teaching him and to have a new handler working under her guidance to help train this very sweet and affectionate greyhound.

First Impressions - 10/06/13

Kane has shown himself to be quite the ladies man. Also on his first day at intake, he was immediately friendly with staff, rubbing and nuzzling and sniffing in pockets! He wags his tail a lot and so far seems a gentle soul. Though formal training hasn't begun, Kane is working on wait at the doors, as well as kennel and heel. He listens well and is very observant. He watches everyone and everything.