It has been another great week with Odin.  He is doing well on his commands, especially his lights command.  His handler has introduced another light switch which is pretty high up on the wall.  He's using a step to do a "paws up" and nudge the light on the wall.  He is a very smart dog and learns fairly quickly.  On his weekend exchange to another dorm, his alternate handler and all the dorm residents adored him.  They were delighted with how loving and affectionate he was.  Seeing such a large greyhound want to cuddle and lie in your lap is so funny.  Odin has the sweetest disposition and is friendly to any and everyone.  He was very well behaved and showed no separation anxiety.  This boy is very playful and loves to toss toys around.  He is so clumsy and will run into everything but he calms easily and loves to relax.  He is fascinated by the little dogs and pulls at them, tail wagging, but his handler is cautious as he is so huge in comparison to them.  Odin is going to be a great family pet.  He is definitely a gentle giant with lots of love to give.