It's been a good week wth Odin. He's making improvements in many areas. He's sitting now, and stay is being incorporated; at the moment he tends to pop up quickly after his sit! He's also learned down, here, heel, shake, bed, wait and kennel.  Stairs are being worked on. He's learned touch, as well, to progress to nudging and eventually a light switch. Odin loves toys, especially squeakies. If someone is playing with a squeaky, he takes off towards the noise, barreling over anybody or anything in his path. He can be like a bull in a china shop, sliding and running into things! He also gets excited if he sees other dogs, large or small, playing - he wants to play with them. His excitable greetings are getting better. He greets the small ones with a wagging tail and sniffing.  He's never been aggressive, but his excitement continues to be worked on as he is a big dog. Though definitely not graceful, Odin is incredibly sweet and loving. He loves to cuddle in the bed area and get love from anyone. They had a Heart Walk event last week and he was very charming, greeting all the guests. He got a lot of compliments about how beautiful he is!