Odin has had a terrific week. He has made a lot of progress with his commands and is now turning the lights on and off. They tell him Lights to switch them on and Lights Off to turn them off. His handlers are so proud of him! Besides mastering the light switch, he is also getting better with his down and stay. He made a huge learning curve this week. At the annual doggy Halloween parade, Odin led the pack of all 3 dog teams dressed as a yellow M&M, with a top hat and bow tie. He was absolutely adorable and behaved well in every area all over the compound. He wasn't frightened or spooked by the different environments, noises or crowds. He was very interested in the small poodles in devil and rock star costumes. His handler carefully manages his meetings with the labs and smaller breeds, enabling a positive meet and greet. He hasn't shown any aggression and wags his tail and sniffs curiously. He still dashes towards the sound of any squeaky toy. He's a clumsy boy and despite his large frame, he thinks he is a tiny lap dog. He longs for affection and wants to be up on your lap getting massaged and spoiled. He's a fantastic dog. This gentle giant has no food or toy aggression and loves to be hugged and doted on. He would be great with anyone.