It has been a wonderful last week with Odin. They have focused on fine-tuning all his commands, especially the light switches!  He is so smart and knows the flat switch excellently. He will watch for the light to come on or go off, to make sure he has done it right!  For the light switches on the wall, which are placed quite high in the prison, he steps up onto a jump table or chair to reach them.  His handlers are so proud of his accomplishments and think he will be perfect for any environment, especially assisting with any type of therapy.  Not only is Odin a smart greyhound, but he's very loving as well.   It's been so comforting having this gentle giant to love.  He is a leaner and likes to lean in and feel your presence. It's amazing how gentle and calm he can be.  He could cuddle for hours in your lap and be content. He does have a playful side, though, and absolutely loves squeaky and plush toys. He's not very agile or graceful and will slide and run into everything, so his handlers especially have kept a close eye on him when he's been off leash!  Also on-leash, when he tries to pull toward little dogs with his tail wagging.  He's such a huge boy compared to those tiny breeds.  They have really enjoyed this sweet boy. He has adapted well and is good with everyone.