Odin went to cosmetology class with one of the alternates this week and had a good time.  He thought the mannequin head they use for styling hair was a toy and grabbed it.  Everyone loves this boy's sweet, gentle nature.  He enjoys lounging on a blanket and getting lots of love and affection.  He is doing the on and off of the light switch from a faraway position.  He's a very smart boy and a joy to have and train. The entire dorm loves Odin and looks forward to his leaning visits. he likes to approach dorm residents and lean on them and expects to be petted in return. Odin loves to play and run; he played off leash at rec, chasing balls and had a blast. He is still very goofy and accident prone and his handlers keep an eye on him off leash.  They think he will do well in just about any environment.  He adapts well and is friendly to everyone.  They are really enjoying this big greyhound!