Josey loves hugs, kisses, people and other dogs. She's always happy to lean in for a good rub. She enjoys long walks, playing off leash and lots of playtime. She will roam around until you call "Josey, here!" and then she will belt to your side - especially if you have a treat! Josey loves to run with the other greyhounds and barks at them to play longer if they stop. Too cute! She has gotten along with all the dogs she's encountered, all the way down to making friends with some of the toy breeds. Her training has been a pleasure and she's open to learning new commands. Her handler has found that Snausages are a favorite with her and help in her learning new things. The past week she's been learning Touch, to touch light switches and switch them on and off. She has learned sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, speak, wait, bed, show me the belly, touch, sit pretty and kennel. Stairs are no problem for her. She corrects well, useful if she whines sometimes, as she then quickly calms. She walks nicely on her leash, but if she does pull, tell her to heel and she will come back to your side. Sweet baby Josey will make an amazing addition to her forever family.


Josey loves the outside for walks and just a quick nap in the grass on a sunny day. She also enjoys a run now and again but is quickly done! She's very social and enjoys everyone: officers, staff, inmates, small dogs and large dogs. Josey is very affectionate and loving with everyone she sees. She loves to be rubbed and loved on. This little girl mastered shake this week - with both paws! Each Monday, Josey does orientation with the new inmates on the compound. She is great: very friendly with everyone and obedient. 


Everybody loves Josey and Josey loves everybody! She will be an incredible addition to any home. She's large dog and small dog friendly and people friendly, too. She is extremely sweet, without any aggression. She jumps for joy sometimes, not up at you, but up and down in front of you, like a deer, to get your attention. Outside, Josey gets plenty of walking exercise and, when she is released off leash, she loves to run with the other hounds. She does like to be in charge!  This clever girl knows all the basic commands except shake. Her extra accomplishments include speak, show me the belly, visit and kennel. She and her handler are working on shake and on lap.


Josey loves to walk and likes to get outside for fresh air. She will go out and lie on the grass as if she is trying to get a tan! On the other hand, she also loves to hang out in the dorm and lie on a pile of blankets or a big pillow. She has worked hard this week, helping the inmates who are trying out for greyhound training positions. She's been a good girl and for the most part very patient, doing her commands as told. She only gets a little stubborn when she's been at it for more than an hour! Josey is a great joy to all those who are around her. She will wait for anyone to pet her and always asks for more with those beautiful eyes. Sometimes she looks at you and it seems as if she is saying: "I'm not done yet!" She makes the residents smile when she lays her head on their lap for a "visit." What a sweetie!


This week, Josey found a new friend, Princess Sophia Lou, who is a 4 pound border collie miniature mix. The tiny thing yaps at her and she enjoys it! Josey gets on great with all the dogs. She plays well but occasionally can be a little bossy and bark at them. Off leash, she will run in a few circles but then gets tired. She goes full speed for about 30 seconds. This girl doesn't play with squeaky toys, but instead prefers a nylon chew bone and a red Kong with kibble inside. She's in love with humans and so much enjoys being out of her kennel and around people, getting attention and hugs. She hasn't yet learned shake, but her basic commands are great and she's also learned visit. She climbs stairs without any difficulty. She loves her food and can tend to eat too quickly, so her and handler splits it into 2 helpings. Josey's personality is fabulous. In the mornings she delights her handlers by wagging her tail and bouncing around. There are times she jumps up like a deer. She never jumps up on you, but just jumps around like an excited child at Christmas! She's got a great disposition and is so well-mannered. She will make an excellent addition to any home.


Josey opened up this week and has been showing a more playful side of her personality. Her soft side is still there but now she has shown that she has a fun, "happy" side to her as well. This little girl loves to be rubbed and loved on and leans in to encourage more loving! She's very social with everyone. Josey enjoys her walks and is doing well on her commands. If she gets tired, she can be stubborn and a little slower in her responses. She's done the 20 foot stay a couple of times so far. Stairs are good, though she still tends to try to jump the last 2 steps going down, which will be worked on. Josey is a sweet girl who enjoys being in the A/C in her kennel or lying out on her pillow in the bed area. She loves interacting with the new potential trainers who all seem to want to walk her and perfect their hand signals for sit, down and wait with her!


Josey enjoys people all around her and is good both with humans and animals. There's a small bird outside that is hurt and won't fly. Josey pays no attention to it as it hops around. This girl picks up quickly on commands and though she has yet to master them completely, she knows them all. She has learned visit as an extra command. Her handler is working with her using hand signals without talking and then spoken commands without the hand signals. This girl was quite the howling drama queen the very first time her ears were cleaned, but has come to terms with ear cleaning and does just fine with it now! She has such a gentle disposition that she will be a great companion for young and old alike.


Josey is a friendly, tail-wagging little girl, a little timid now and again and so sweet. She enjoys being petted by the dorm residents. She likes lying on her pillow in the bed area, and if the day area is not too loud, she will lie on her pillow there and watch TV! She isn't one for busy, overwhelming areas. Josey has learned her commands very quickly and well. She's good at sit, down, bed, kennel and here, goes up and down stairs (down more slowly) and does a wonderful wait at doors! 


Everyone loves Josey!  She is sweet and lovable and she's not afraid to lean into anyone for more loving.  She likes the other Greyhounds and the CCI dogs (labs and puppies) and is gentle with everyone.  She also enjoys just hanging in the bed area on a huge pillow!

She enjoys a nice walk in the morning when it's still cool outside but once it warms up, she's ready to be inside in the air conditioning!

Upon arrival, her handler began emphasizing the "wait" command.  She has it down with no hesitation.  "Heel" and "easy" (to get her to slow down) are both done with ease as well.  "Sit" was like second nature for her.  She will try to side sit but with a few seconds wait time, she corrects herself.  "Stairs" are done without issue.  "Down" needs some work.  "Kennel" is perfect and she is learning "visit", where she will place her head in your lap. 

She is extremely smart and is picking up on her commands quickly.  Her trainer is quite pleased with their progress and looks forward to the weeks ahead!

First Impressions - 07/28/13

Delray Josey, called simply "Josey", has a fabulous disposition.  She is sweet and gentle, easy going, .  She loves to lean on anyone who will pet her.   She is getting along with all the other dogs on the compound as well.

Her handlers have been walking her about the compound which she loves.  She also loves sitting in her kennel in the air conditioning!  Who doesn't?

They've begun using and reinforcing the "heel","wait", and "kennel" commands, all of which she is picking up quickly.  She is settling in nicely and should do well with her training.

Her handlers adore her already!