Josey loves hugs, kisses, people and other dogs. She's always happy to lean in for a good rub. She enjoys long walks, playing off leash and lots of playtime. She will roam around until you call "Josey, here!" and then she will belt to your side - especially if you have a treat! Josey loves to run with the other greyhounds and barks at them to play longer if they stop. Too cute! She has gotten along with all the dogs she's encountered, all the way down to making friends with some of the toy breeds. Her training has been a pleasure and she's open to learning new commands. Her handler has found that Snausages are a favorite with her and help in her learning new things. The past week she's been learning Touch, to touch light switches and switch them on and off. She has learned sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, speak, wait, bed, show me the belly, touch, sit pretty and kennel. Stairs are no problem for her. She corrects well, useful if she whines sometimes, as she then quickly calms. She walks nicely on her leash, but if she does pull, tell her to heel and she will come back to your side. Sweet baby Josey will make an amazing addition to her forever family.