This week, Josey found a new friend, Princess Sophia Lou, who is a 4 pound border collie miniature mix. The tiny thing yaps at her and she enjoys it! Josey gets on great with all the dogs. She plays well but occasionally can be a little bossy and bark at them. Off leash, she will run in a few circles but then gets tired. She goes full speed for about 30 seconds. This girl doesn't play with squeaky toys, but instead prefers a nylon chew bone and a red Kong with kibble inside. She's in love with humans and so much enjoys being out of her kennel and around people, getting attention and hugs. She hasn't yet learned shake, but her basic commands are great and she's also learned visit. She climbs stairs without any difficulty. She loves her food and can tend to eat too quickly, so her and handler splits it into 2 helpings. Josey's personality is fabulous. In the mornings she delights her handlers by wagging her tail and bouncing around. There are times she jumps up like a deer. She never jumps up on you, but just jumps around like an excited child at Christmas! She's got a great disposition and is so well-mannered. She will make an excellent addition to any home.