Josey loves to walk and likes to get outside for fresh air. She will go out and lie on the grass as if she is trying to get a tan! On the other hand, she also loves to hang out in the dorm and lie on a pile of blankets or a big pillow. She has worked hard this week, helping the inmates who are trying out for greyhound training positions. She's been a good girl and for the most part very patient, doing her commands as told. She only gets a little stubborn when she's been at it for more than an hour! Josey is a great joy to all those who are around her. She will wait for anyone to pet her and always asks for more with those beautiful eyes. Sometimes she looks at you and it seems as if she is saying: "I'm not done yet!" She makes the residents smile when she lays her head on their lap for a "visit." What a sweetie!