Josey opened up this week and has been showing a more playful side of her personality. Her soft side is still there but now she has shown that she has a fun, "happy" side to her as well. This little girl loves to be rubbed and loved on and leans in to encourage more loving! She's very social with everyone. Josey enjoys her walks and is doing well on her commands. If she gets tired, she can be stubborn and a little slower in her responses. She's done the 20 foot stay a couple of times so far. Stairs are good, though she still tends to try to jump the last 2 steps going down, which will be worked on. Josey is a sweet girl who enjoys being in the A/C in her kennel or lying out on her pillow in the bed area. She loves interacting with the new potential trainers who all seem to want to walk her and perfect their hand signals for sit, down and wait with her!