Everyone loves Josey!  She is sweet and lovable and she's not afraid to lean into anyone for more loving.  She likes the other Greyhounds and the CCI dogs (labs and puppies) and is gentle with everyone.  She also enjoys just hanging in the bed area on a huge pillow!

She enjoys a nice walk in the morning when it's still cool outside but once it warms up, she's ready to be inside in the air conditioning!

Upon arrival, her handler began emphasizing the "wait" command.  She has it down with no hesitation.  "Heel" and "easy" (to get her to slow down) are both done with ease as well.  "Sit" was like second nature for her.  She will try to side sit but with a few seconds wait time, she corrects herself.  "Stairs" are done without issue.  "Down" needs some work.  "Kennel" is perfect and she is learning "visit", where she will place her head in your lap. 

She is extremely smart and is picking up on her commands quickly.  Her trainer is quite pleased with their progress and looks forward to the weeks ahead!