What a perfect last week with Chester! There were some special guests, including the new warden, and one dog from each of the prison's training programs (the other two being CCI and Easter Seals) was selected to give a demonstration. Chester was chosen from the greyhound program. As usual, he was well-mannered, obedient and very charming. The guests were all amazed that this greyhound could perform all the same advanced commands as the dogs in the other two programs, who stay there for a year or more. As he leaves the program, his list of commands mastered is: sit, down, stay, here, heel, shake, bed, stairs, wait, kennel, visit, touch, up and off, pick it up (he brings the item to you), lap, speak, hug, and turn lights off/on. His handler is so proud of him and of their achievement together. They learned a lot from each other. When she was sad or missing her family, Chester filled that void and made her happy. He is an amazing dog and "a breath of fresh air in a place like this."


It's been another great week for this one of a kind greyhound. He never ceases to amaze with his intelligence and skills. His handler started working with him on the light switch last week. He has already mastered turning the it on and off. He is something else. The other programs there (CCI and Easter Seals) have been praising this super dog. Everyone adores Chester and wants to see him do his tricks and commands. This boy truly makes his handler smile, even when she's having the worst day. He has touched her heart like no other dog and she is so proud of how well he has done in the program. 


Chester's handler is so excited at his ability to learn and is convinced he would be a perfect Purple Heart candidate. His temperament is wonderful: sweet, friendly, obedient, gentle, fearless and the list goes on. He has learned a number of extra commands. His trainer can drop anything and tell him "pick it up" and he will bring it to her. His other extras are visit, touch, speak, up/off and lap. His handler is working on his turning on the lights! He loves learning new things and picks them up so quickly. He's a privilege to work with. He's also great with the smaller dogs. The family who gets the honor of having this special dog will be truly blessed, says his handler. She will miss sweet Chester dearly.


This week the greyhound team tryouts continued. Inmates who want to join the team were being observed taking a dog through an obstacle course consisting of walking, wait, sit, down, bed and kennel. Chester excels at the course and the tryouts who got him were so grateful to look good getting through the course! He did great. There was one inmate who was really hard to understand as she had a heavy accent. At each command, Chester would tilt his head and try to figure out what she was saying; it was hilarious. Chester has been learning some new commands: lap, visit, touch, up/off and pick it up. He loves learning and he's great at it. It's so much fun for his handler to have such a special, smart boy! He gets along with all the other dogs and has come to figure out that the little toy dogs in the Easter Seal program are actually dogs just like he is. He sniffs them and watches them curiously but with no aggression at all. Chester is one of the rare hounds who has the kind of temperament you'd want for a service dog or therapy dog. He is amazing and such a sweetheart. His handler is so glad to have him in her life. Every day is a new adventure of fun and learning.


As usual, it's been a wonderful week. Chester spent a couple of days in another dorm and did great. He did all his commands there, walked great at rec and cuddled with his "substitute mom" in the day room. He's such a loving dog and has a great attitude. This boy was very excited to come back to home dorm on Saturday and pranced up the aisle telling everyone hi. Everyone was glad to have him back. His smile and sweet nature is infectious and you can't help but love him. Since he's doing great at all his basics, his handler is starting to teach him some bonus tricks and commands. He loves learning new things and catches on quickly. Today he learned speak - he figured it out after 3 times! Chester will do great in any kind of home. His handler is so proud of his progress and hopes his new family will love him as much as she does. He is awesome.


It has been an incredible week with Chester. This perfect companion keeps his handler smiling and uplifted. She thanks God every day for bringing Chester into her life. He's a one of a kind dog! He's super friendly and sweet with all the larger dogs and even shares his bowl and his toys with his buddies. He has just seen his first tiny dog (3.5 pounds) this week and is fascinated. His handler is keeping an eye on how he behaves. Chester is doing excellently in his training and is such a quick learner that he's learning extra commands (visit, lap, up, off and hug). He loves training and focuses well. This boy loves prancing up and down the aisle with his toy. He can entertain himself forever throwing it up and catching it! Chester is such an awesome companion and so well behaved. He's pretty much content anywhere and with anyone. As his handler says about working with Chester and the other hounds: "Every day is a new adventure and such a blessing for us women incarcerated far away from home and family.”


Chester is doing great. He's very smart and focuses pretty well and is advancing in his commands. His heel walking is improving, though he can still pull when excited, so they're continuing to work on it. The dorm has nicknamed Chester "Mr. Personality" because of his bigger than life attitude and friendly demeanor. He loves everyone and makes their day by prancing up to them and giving them happy greetings and nuzzles. This handler has had more than a dozen greyhounds through the program and Chester has the best demeanor of all of them. He's not afraid of anyone or anything, gets along wonderfully with all the dogs and is fine in every environment he has been in. He has a lot of patience and tolerance and will make an awesome family pet. Chester is the sweetest boy.


It's been a fantastic week with Chester. He is doing great learning new commands. He's learned sit, down, bed and heel and even stays for his dinner. This boy is an all round great dog. He loves going to rec and mingling with the other dogs. He's very friendly and gets along with everyone - people and dogs. He's active and his handlers make sure to give him plenty of exercise. Chester is playful and can still pull on leash so that's being worked on daily during his heel walks. Although he's a little guy, his personality is 10 feet tall. His handlers love him more every day and are having a blast spending their days with him. 


It's been a fantastic week with "Chester Bug".  He is a little ball of energy and fun.  He's constantly wagging his tail and is ready for whatever the day has in store for him.  He trots all over the compound greeting everyone - staff, inmates, labs, puppies, and wardens.

His handlers began training this week and they say it's evident he gets his brains and good looks from his two mommies there at the prison.  All kidding aside, he does a perfect "heel" and is doing a great "wait" (even at the doors).  They've begun scooping him into a sit and he almost has it.  They make training a game so he's always having fun and learning. 

Chester is such an adorable boy.  He looks at you with his big brown eyes and perky ears and your heart just melts.  He has a wonderful temperment and gets along great with all the other dogs.  He, of course, loves the ladies.

His handlers cannot say enough how great Chester is and how well he is doing.  He is such a joy to train, care for, and spend their days with.  They didn't think he liked toys but all of a sudden he snatched one of the plush monkeys and started tossing it in the air.  It was so cute! 

This week their focus is walking on leash better and, of course, basic commands.  He is adjusting very well.

First Impressions - 07/28/13

MB Big Daddy, named "Chester", arrived full of spunk on July 25th.  He is quite the lady's man his inmate handlers have noticed.  They've also noticed he is has a great temperament.  is very happy, friendly, and affectionate to everyone.  He has shown no aggression to any of the other dogs at the prison and that includes the CCI puppies, labs, or other Greyhounds). 

Thus far he has shown no fear in his new environment including any of the new noises he is now experiencing.  Chester seems to be adapting quite well to everything around him. 

He does pull a bit on leash but his handlers are working with him on that.  They are smitten with him and his sweet personality.  He lays in his bed area, waiting for belly rubs, cuddling, roaching and just enjoying life.

His handlers are looking forward to the weeks ahead with Chester!