This week the greyhound team tryouts continued. Inmates who want to join the team were being observed taking a dog through an obstacle course consisting of walking, wait, sit, down, bed and kennel. Chester excels at the course and the tryouts who got him were so grateful to look good getting through the course! He did great. There was one inmate who was really hard to understand as she had a heavy accent. At each command, Chester would tilt his head and try to figure out what she was saying; it was hilarious. Chester has been learning some new commands: lap, visit, touch, up/off and pick it up. He loves learning and he's great at it. It's so much fun for his handler to have such a special, smart boy! He gets along with all the other dogs and has come to figure out that the little toy dogs in the Easter Seal program are actually dogs just like he is. He sniffs them and watches them curiously but with no aggression at all. Chester is one of the rare hounds who has the kind of temperament you'd want for a service dog or therapy dog. He is amazing and such a sweetheart. His handler is so glad to have him in her life. Every day is a new adventure of fun and learning.