First Impressions - 07/28/13

MB Big Daddy, named "Chester", arrived full of spunk on July 25th.  He is quite the lady's man his inmate handlers have noticed.  They've also noticed he is has a great temperament.  is very happy, friendly, and affectionate to everyone.  He has shown no aggression to any of the other dogs at the prison and that includes the CCI puppies, labs, or other Greyhounds). 

Thus far he has shown no fear in his new environment including any of the new noises he is now experiencing.  Chester seems to be adapting quite well to everything around him. 

He does pull a bit on leash but his handlers are working with him on that.  They are smitten with him and his sweet personality.  He lays in his bed area, waiting for belly rubs, cuddling, roaching and just enjoying life.

His handlers are looking forward to the weeks ahead with Chester!